We are looking for three artists to produce three limited edition posters for Papergirl Calgary 2013.

Ideally silkscreened, but digitally reproducible work will also be possible.

For some inspiration, check out what Papergirl SanFrancisco did last year, sigh… amazing!


Artists will receive a small honorarium ($50-100 depending on the funding we receive by May 1st) as well as plenty of credit on our website, and all of our social media channels.

We would like to produce 50-75 signed editions of each poster. (Papergirl will cover the cost of reproduction) These will be used to gift our hard working volunteers, and also to gift our donors through the InvestYYC campaign we are running: 


Think you have a killer idea for a poster?

Send us your design by March 25th, and we’ll contact you to let you know if your design will be one of the feature posters for 2013. 

Posters/Editioned Prints must be in 11 x 14” format. 

Email us an image (1mb large max) of your poster. 

Send your poster proposals to: